Providing Protection for Your Machinery

Custom Bellows Company

Custom Quality Manufacturing, Inc., is a custom bellows company and family-run business that understands how much your equipment means to your company’s success. Since 1996, we have helped companies like yours protect their machinery with custom protective covers that include rubber bellows, sewn bellows, way and rail covers, and much more. Our team of extensively trained engineers, technicians, and technologists is fueled by a spirit of innovation that has led to the continual improvement that makes CQM an industry leader.

Precise Customization
At CQM, we carefully design and manufacture our products based on your specific application requirements. Taking into account your needs and work environment, our team will select the best materials available and utilize our well-honed manufacturing techniques to create custom covers that will protect your machines from dust, debris, oil, and more.
Speedy Service
We are a custom protective cover company that pride ourselves on speedy service so that you can avoid any production delays. This means that, unlike some companies that take as long as eight weeks to deliver custom-fitted covers, we can ship your new covers, including any desired accessories, within three to five days after you place an order.
In-House Engineering
We continually test materials and refine our manufacturing process to produce industrial covers that provide reliable protection for all kinds of equipment. And if you have a custom-fitted covering that needs to be replaced, we can reverse engineer a replacement to ensure a custom fit that saves you the trouble of taking measurements.
Practical Affordability
The industrial equipment you use in your daily operations is expensive, but protecting it properly shouldn’t be. That’s why CQM offers affordable customization service, whether you need one large industrial lift cover or a hundred custom way covers. It’s little wonder that companies on a tight budget rely on the experts at CQM.
Need help figuring out exactly what product you need? Speak with one of our engineering experts.