Machine Way Cover Accessories

Machine Way Cover Accessories

By protecting your way surfaces and slideways from dirt, sparks, oil, grit, and other abrasives, way covers help you avoid costly repairs to your valuable equipment. But if your way covers aren’t engineered to your precise specifications, that level of protection might be inadequate. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced custom manufacturer like Custom Quality Manufacturing. We understand just how much your equipment applications and environment determine the type of machine way cover and accessories that will serve you best. We didn’t start producing way covers yesterday, after all. We’ve been engineering high-grade covers since 1996 and have developed broad experience with a variety of industries.

Quality Is in Our Name

Our protective covers not only preserve the accuracy of your machines and increase their longevity, but they also help you maintain your rate of production. As part of our commitment to making way covers that offer optimal protection, we have a well-honed process that ensures we thoroughly understand your specific application requirements. Our engineers will carefully select the best materials that suit your requirements and utilize special manufacturing techniques to create custom way covers with the accessories you need. We manufacture sewn way covers, sewn-folded way covers, heat-sealed covers, and metal way covers in a wide range of sizes. No matter which type of way cover you need, you can customize it with the following accessories:

  • Mounting plates
  • Snaps
  • Hook and loop fasteners
  • Sliding shoes
  • Bumpers
  • Lips
  • Casings

Get it Fast

Businesses like yours rely on properly functioning machines, so when you need custom way covers, you need them as soon as possible. At CQM, we pride ourselves on fast turnarounds. We provide quotes within 24 hours after we receive your specifications, and can ship your machine way covers that include accessories within three to five days after that. There’s no need to wait weeks for your custom covers. Contact Custom Quality Manufacturing today to start the process.

Need help figuring out exactly what product you need? Speak with one of our engineering experts.