Sewn Way Covers

Custom Sewn Way Covers

Custom Quality Manufacturing offers sewn way covers, which are ideal for applications across the board. In our efficiency-minded fashion, these covers can be manufactured without tooling or die costs, and are available in many types of fabric materials. Our sewn way covers are well suited to CNC machining applications and will save you from expensive repairs of way surfaces or slideways. They also provide a reduction in downtime for bellows replacement. And on top of all that, no manufacturer gets products in customers’ hands faster than CQM.

Keeping foreign material off your guideways ensures a more accurate and long-lasting machine. CQM’s sewn linear rail covers, manufactured with our state-of-the-art equipment, are ideal when the material needed for the job is not heat-sealable. They are designed specifically to protect way surfaces or machine slideways from dust, dirt, chips, oils, coolants, sparks, and other abrasives.


Accessories for Sewn Way Covers

We offer our way covers with a number of accessories, such as mounting plates, snaps, and hook and loop fasteners. Whatever shape or size you need, we promise to provide it in a quick, cost-concerned manner. All our custom sewn way covers are manufactured to your specifications, so request a quote today!

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