Custom Medical Bellows Manufacturer

We manufacture custom rubber bellows, non-surgical face masks, and protective covers.
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For over 20 years, Custom Quality Manufacturing Inc., have proudly designed and manufactured high-quality custom-made rubber bellows for the medical industry. With the medical industry being reliant on having quality suppliers who can provide long-lasting and efficient medical components for medical devices, we strive to ensure that all our products are up to industry standards. Our custom molded rubber bellows have been sold to customers nationally as well as internationally. CQM is a leading custom bellows manufacturer and can complete orders ranging in size from large to small, even one piece prototypes. We can custom make most orders and ship them to you directly within 1 to 3 business days.

Molded Rubber Bellows Materials

CQM’s custom molded bellows are ideal for protecting your medical devices from dust, water, oil, bleaches, splatter, and more. Our custom medical bellows are available in several rubber materials including:

Name Abbreviation Tensile Strength Elongation at the Break Rebound Resilience Tear Strength/Tear Resistance Abrasion Resistance
Silicone Si Satisfactory Good Good Satisfactory Not Satisfactory
Natural Rubber NR Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good Satisfactory
Chloroprene (Neoprene) CR Good Good Satisfactory Good Satisfactory

Rubber Bellows Gallery (see below)

​The entire CQM Team is committed to meeting your custom medical bellow and medical protective cover needs. Custom Quality Manufacturing Inc. provides complete service from the initial design and fabrication to on-time delivery of your product and post-delivery follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction. We will quickly produce and deploy our expertise to support the supply chain involved in the manufacturing of ventilators. For more information on our capabilities and custom molded rubber bellows, please contact the team at Custom Quality Manufacturing Inc. today

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