Automotive Rubber Bellows

As the automotive industry continues to develop and there is an increasing demand for advanced technological automotive components, automotive protection is crucial for the development of vehicles. With over 23 years of experience in designing and manufacturing a complete line of custom bellows for the automotive industry, Custom Quality Manufacturing (CQM, Inc.) can cover your specific needs through our understanding of the automotive industry’s specific application requirements.  All our products are precisely designed to protect your components from grease, dust, oil, hydraulic items, water, bleaches, splatter, metal chips, and other debris.  Our engineers utilize special manufacturing techniques to reduce costs and produce quality products that meets the standards of automotive companies.

Our custom-made products efficiently protect and cover the following automotive components but are not limited to:

  • Lead screws
  • Spindles
  • Shafts
  • Guide ways
  • Pistons
  • Cylinders

Rubber Bellows Materials

Our custom rubber bellows are ideal for protecting your automotive components from dust, water, oil, grease, and more. Our available materials custom bellows for automotive applications include:

Name Abbreviation Tensile Strength Elongation at the Break Rebound Resilience Tear Strength/Tear Resistance Abrasion Resistance
Silicone Si Satisfactory Satisfactory Good Good Satisfactory Not Satisfactory
Nitrile (BUNA-N) NBR Good Good Satisfactory Satisfactory Very Good
Natural Rubber NR Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good Satisfactory
Chloroprene (Neoprene) CR Good Good Satisfactory Good Satisfactory
Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) EPDM Satisfactory Satisfactory Good Satisfactory Satisfactory

We manufacture custom rubber bellows, sewn bellows, and protective covers.
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Custom Bellows For The Automotive Industry

Sewn Round Bellows

Sewn round bellows are ideal for protecting rods, screws, and shafts. This product is available in a wide selection of materials to meet your application requirements. Contact CQM to discuss your sewn round bellows needs with a sales engineer.

Sewn Rectangular Bellows

Sewn rectangular bellows are ideal for protecting rods, screws, and shafts. This product is available in a wide selection of materials to meet your application requirements. Contact CQM to discuss your sewn rectangular bellow needs with a sales

Molded Rubber Bellows

Molded rubber bellows are available in a several rubber materials including natural rubber (NR), chloroprene rubber (CR) or silicone rubber (Si), and in a large variety of shapes and sizes. Many molds in stock, contact us to speak with one of our engineers for details about our rubber bellows capabilities.

Sewn Wire Supported Bellows

Wire supported bellows are the most efficient construction for large diameter round bellows. Each bellow is made from a single piece of material and is reinforced with a wire skeleton. Wire supported bellows give the best-extended length to close length ratio for long bellows and are ideal for high-temperature applications. Contact CQM for more information.

The CQM Difference

At CQM, Inc. we understand that sometimes you need protective bellows and covers FAST. That is why we keep a large inventory of sewn & rubber bellows, way wipers, way covers, and equipment covers in stock.  We can also custom make most orders and ship them to you directly within 1 to 3 business days. Our experienced engineers at CQM construct custom bellows for automotive applications in a large variety of shapes and sizes. For more information on our automotive rubber bellows and other protective covers for the automotive industry, contact the team at CQM today!

Please contact us for more information on custom bellow options such as sewn bellows, rubber bellows, and molded rubber bellows.

Need help figuring out exactly what product you need? Speak with one of our engineering experts.