Flat Bellows

Custom Flat Bellows

As a custom flat bellows manufacturer, Custom Quality Manufacturing produces flat bellows in a variety of industrial-strength materials. Designed to be mounted either vertically or horizontally and to act like screen guards, our flat bellows are ideal for preventing the accumulation of dust, grit, and other particles during your industrial operations. Our highly skilled engineers design these bellows according to your specifications and performance requirements. So, no matter what size flat below you require, we can make it.

You Can Expect a Quick Turnaround

When companies need bellows and other machine covers quickly to keep their production on schedule, they turn to CQM. That’s because we are known throughout the industry for providing prompt customer service. We can give you a quote for custom flat bellows within 24 hours after receiving your specifications. Once we’ve confirmed the specs, including materials, size, and quantity, our team will create your flat bellows with the utmost efficiency. Whereas other companies may take several weeks to deliver custom flat bellows, we can typically ship them out to you in five days or less.

Affordable Customization & Professional Engineering

You may think that customization implies expense, but with CQM as your custom bellows provider, you can get exactly the high-performance product you need at an affordable price. And if our in-house engineers have any concerns about the specs for your desired product, we will immediately reach out to you for clarification or to recommend a better option.

If you have any questions about our customization service or would like more information about the industrial flat bellows we custom-make for a range of industries, contact Custom Quality Manufacturing.

Need help figuring out exactly what product you need? Speak with one of our engineering experts.